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Messages of support

Messages of support – as well as offers of help – have been arriving steadily and a selection are reproduced below:


I was very interested to read the Press article. I have held these views all my life.

I am now retired but spent ten years as a teacher of Art and Design in Scotland and England until I was appointed an Inspector of Art and Crafts with the Department of Education in Northern Ireland.

I spent 20 years with DENI during which time I chaired the panel for the NIGCE in Art. I was also involved with major changes in the teaching of my subject. Following the lead of Leicestershire we introduced Design Education into the curriculum which gave more emphasis to creativity.

I believe very strongly in the importance of creativity, particularly with young children. One is reminded of Edward De Bono’s lateral thinking. He said that up to the age of five or six, it was always “Why, why, why” – from then to ten or 11 it was “Why not, why not” but from then on it was always “Because”.

I believe very strongly that the development of creativity through the various arts is as important as any other subject in the curriculum.

May I wish you well with your project.

– Roderick Duncan


As a teacher with a passion for the arts, hearing the vision and aims of the project was music to my ears. I am heavily involved with production and choreography and seeing children express themselves through art forms is one of my passions and seeing them on stage gives me even more of a thrill that being on there myself! I think the children of York are awaiting such a school with bated breath; it’s just what they need.


Your venture sounds just like a vision I have had for years and I’m thrilled someone has the resources and know-how to go for it.


The idea of a primary school with this sort of ethos in York is truly thrilling.


As a York based musician who was raised and educated in York, I am delighted to offer my support to this venture. The Creative Arts Academy will only add to the rich heritage of music education that already exists in York. The benefits of a practical, well rounded, music education are well documented as are the academic disciplines required to develop musical ability. The Creative Arts Academy will give young people of all backgrounds the opportunity to develop their academic and creative abilities in an educational environment that both supports and challenges them to fully realise their potential across all subject areas. This is a very welcome initiative.


Wonderful idea for York. We have private schools in York which offer a high level of musicianship and creative support because of high expectations from the musical skills taught therein. Fantastic idea to have this available to the state sector.


This school is so important for our community. The creative arts are an integral part of education and creativity is the key to both academic progression, success and creating confidence in children.


We’re delighted to see plans for inclusive Special Needs provision. It’s our experience that the Creative Arts are central to the way in which young people with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities can access a full, meaningful and personalised curriculum.


I am an artist, pianist and piano teacher. Sounds like my kind of thing and wish every success and happy educating and education for the future. I learn and teach creatively and an arts school is a healthy lifeline for children’s development. I enjoyed a Montessori playgroup, but more formal education afterwards, but had opportunity for the arts through music lessons and later at university. Arts brings fresh learning and many children just need it to fit in and develop their creativity from a young age. Thanks and best wishes.

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