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Last chance to make a difference

So this is it – we’re down to the final 24 hours before we submit our application to the government for the Creative Arts Academy. Our slot on Look North is promised for today, Tuesday 1 March, at 1.30pm and 6.30pm.

This means, to allow for any last minute, all-important registrations of interest that may be received after our TV appearance, we’ll be hand delivering the application to the DfE in London tomorrow morning, in time for the 12noon deadline.

If you haven’t as yet submitted your registration of interest, please do it as soon as you can (and before 7.30am tomorrow!). You’re not committing yourself or burning any bridges – just indicating that as a parent you would seriously consider the new school as an option when the time comes to formally apply for a school place for your child.

This is your final chance to have your say and it may make all the difference for the Department of Education – they need to see that this school would be supported by local parents.

Parents of children starting Reception in 2017 and living anywhere in York – we are specifically appealing to YOU!

We’re making this application because:

• Interweaving traditional academic subjects with music and performance has proven success in terms of raising educational attainment thanks to neurological stimulation
• The combination is known to improve maths, reading, cognitive ability and verbal skills. Participation in the arts boosts motivation, concentration, confidence and builds teamwork.
• We can provide separate specialist inclusive provision for children with high levels of anxiety who need support and emotional self-regulation. This sophisticated SEND provision means we will work closely with vulnerable and disadvantaged children who would benefit from high levels of nurture to achieve their potential in a conducive environment. Many of the non-verbal activities in the school will be ideal for SEND children.
• The school will tackle basic need requirements but it will be more than a local primary school, it will be for the whole of York. York is a city with creative and cultural resonance built up over 2,000 years and the only city in the UK to be designated a UNESCO City of Media Arts and a member of the international Creative Cities Network.

We’ll keep you posted as to how it pans out. Fingers crossed!

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